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SEO Strategies For Marketing In 2016

seo marketing strategy

Marketing strategies keep advancing according to the advancements in technology. Traditional marketing is no longer enough for all round success of businesses and organizations. Digital marketing strategies have a greater advantage over traditional marketing strategies as it can focus better on a target audience, easily analyze results and success of strategies. Digital marketing too requires a lot of careful and coordinated work to be put in to gain success. Digital marketing employs search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to optimize its results in accordance with the demands of potential customers.

A certain research suggests that an average of 1.2 billion web searches are made in a month in the US alone. SEO Hamilton suggests that in order to gain visibility on the internet a business must optimize its website and contents such that it is highly ranked on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO helps drive quality traffic to the website and products to boost the brand and lend credibility to the business. SEO must be employed on all contents and graphics on digital media to increase visibility in relation to search queries. The content also needs to be mobile optimized for customers because 50% of all mobile searches are regarding local findings and they stand a 61% chance of conversion. Here is what to look out to gain success in digital marketing in 2016.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing and presence is growing by the minute. Companies have realized that their presence online really counts in staying up to date with client demands and expectations. When the brand’s product or services are shared by customers or when customers share positively about services, the business gains the trust of more potential customers as it works like marketing through word of mouth. Even negative comments can be used to the business’ advantage by taking it in the right spirit and acting appropriately. Social media is a great way to connect with the public.

Content as Videos: Videos are a crowd favorite for being engaging and entertaining. It is more highly ranked than normal text content and has a higher click through rate. Videos can be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Mobile optimization: As already mentioned, the website, contents and landing pages must be mobile optimized as people have gained greater access to information through smartphones. The number of mobile searches has increased by 43% and the SERPs always opt for mobile friendly sites by preference. Over 1.2 billion people access the internet through smartphones and 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. Global mobile traffic accounts for 15% of all internet traffic and smartphone users are more likely to use their phones for local information.

Mobile apps: With the increase in mobile usage for internet access, mobile apps have gained popularity. The business needs to have mobile apps to market their products and services because research suggests that mobile apps account for 52% of time spent on online digital media and users spend 89% of their time on mobile phones using apps.