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The Effects Of Testosterone Deficiency On Men’s Health

deficiencyAge moves up with you fast and before you know it you have crossed forty! The signs of aging appear and keeping in shape often becomes a mammoth task. That is not all your woes are increased with depression and a low sex drive causing rifts in your personal relationships as well. The real culprit here is a lower level of Testosterone, a male hormone. Clinical pro testosterone tests reveal that a large amount of male suffers from this disorder. This fact can be well seen at the website

Is Testosterone The Culprit?

Yes! If you are wondering what has gone wrong when everything was perfect once upon a time it is time to wake up to the naked truth. Your testosterone levels are low, and you need to bring them up again to live life like before. Do not panic if you have low testosterone from the age of 40 and above. This is a natural biological process where you are not alone.

Other males share the same story and so do not worry or be concerned. The truth is as you are aging your body undergoes natural hormonal changes. There is established scientific research that proves that with the aging process men tend to lose about 10% a decade after they have reached the age of 30 and so it is obvious that you can imagine the major effects that low testosterone has on your health by the time you have reached the age of 40 years.

Effects Of Having Low Testosterone

The following are the key effects of having low testosterone as seen among men folks:

· The bone density in the body decreases, and you are prone to bone fractures
· It becomes hard for you to control body weight
· You suffer from erectile dysfunction
· Loss of lean muscle mass
· Fat increases around the waist, and the list goes on.

Wake Up Before It Becomes Too Late!

Do not allow low testosterone to overshadow your precious life and its pleasures. Thanks to breakthroughs in medical advancement and research there are ways via which you can renew your manhood and be a man again. There are supplements that are safe and proven in the market that help you increase your levels of testosterone naturally. If you think these supplements are very expensive, you are mistaken. They are made from natural ingredients, and there is just one side effect- your sex drive increases!

Before you allow low testosterone to control your life, it is time for you to address the problem and begin living your life to the fullest. You do not have to become a victim of poor sexual health and low libido. You may not be aware of it but your partner too is also being affected due to low T. The fact that you are reading this article makes you lucky, as you may not have been aware yourself of what is wrong with you if lately, you have been experiencing the symptoms discussed earlier in this write up. The good news is now it is all over! You know the effects of low testosterone and that there is a treatment for them in the form of natural supplements which are safe.

Why wait! Visit the medical expert right now!

Different Types Of Minoxidil Products

lipogaine-minoxidilWhen it comes to hair loss, there is one product that gets researched the most. It is the standard compound that is found in many of the hair loss arresting products. Minoxidil is one of the key ingredients used in many hair loss arresting products. This component has become a topic of discussion recently, and it has been debated for its effectiveness in treating hair loss. There have been many mixed reviews about using this and whether it is capable of producing results as it claims to be. Especially minoxidil 5 for men has been in the news very often. Sites like have discussed the side effects of using minoxidil extensively.

Types of Minoxidil
As of today, there are only a few forms of minoxidil that are available on the market. They vary in terms of their composition, the concentration of the drug, how the product is used for applying into the scalp and who manufactures it. It is available in the form of foam, liquid and as a spray.

Minoxidil Foam
The foam version is the most popular form of minoxidil that is used by many. It is used for treating hair loss in both men and women. Rogaine was the first manufacturer to introduce the foam. It has foam solution for men and women which must be used twice a day. Nearly nine out of ten men have re-grown hair using the rogaine foam solution. Four months of usage has led to these incredible results. More than 80% of women experienced growth in their hair within a span of 12 weeks. The best part about using the foam solution is the fact that it dries up very soon. It is slightly more expensive than the minoxidil liquid version, but it’s worth it.

Minoxidil Liquid
The liquid version is the original method of using minoxidil. Rogaine makes the 5% liquid treatment for men that must be applied twice a day. For women, 2% version will work best. Both men and women who used minoxidil liquid showed positive results. However, when it comes to the argument of foam vs. liquid, the foam emerges as a winner as it dries up quickly. Also, depending on the person and what they like they can choose either the foam or the liquid. Cost wise, liquid is less expensive than the foam owing to the less manufacturing cost of the liquid. The only disadvantage of using liquid is that it can take a while to get dried up.

Minoxidil Spray
There are very few companies that make minoxidil in a spray format. One of the reasons sprays are effective is because it is easier to cover a large region of the scalp using the spray. There is no need to touch the product physically if you are going for the spray version. If you are using the liquid or the foam version, you need to use your hands to massage the product into your scalp. However, this is not necessary with the spray version as you can directly apply it to the scalp.

Regardless of which form of minoxidil you use, it definitely produces positive results when it comes to hair growth. Keep in mind to the choose a form that works best for you.