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3 Things That You May Overlook While Buying An AC

We all know that buying an air conditioning unit is not a small purchase. It requires not only the investment of money but also time to research the top possible option for the home. With different models inundating the market, a good unit for you could be the best 1.5 ton split ac while a good unit for another person could be a 2-ton window AC. With such a deep parity between options going on sites like Flipkart to get the best possible price range is not the only answer. As a consumer, you have to do your own research. To help you along the way we give you three features that people tend to overlook but are as vital.

As the owner, your part does not end at just forking over the money to buy the air conditioner. After it has been purchased, it has to be installed too. Therefore, installation should factor in the buying decision. A window unit is easy to install. If you live in a rented home, this might be the best option because installing a split AC requires making a three-inch hole in the wall. Since a split AC is divided into an indoor and outdoor unit, they need to be connected via tubing and wires. This tubing has to pass through a wall as the outdoor unit is installed on the wall outside the room. This may require some construction work. But with skilled workers, the installation can be done quickly and beautifully.

Noise is another aspect people tend to forget when buying an AC. They focus on the price and energy efficiency. Imagine this; it is three in the night you had a rough day at work and are trying to sleep. But the constant noise of the window AC is hammering on your head. Does this sound like a peaceful night you so badly need? Noise and sound can become an even more crucial point if there are babies at home. For such people, who prefer a silent AC a split unit is the preferred option. Since the components that make noise are in the outdoor unit of a split AC, they make no sound. One can sleep like a baby with noiseless AC models. The good news is that most brands offer such models with a range of price tag.

Aesthetics matter. When you welcome friends and family to your home, a big honking tube of grey pipe running along the wall ruins the entire effect. The days where an AC was installed wherever possible just to make the room cooler have long gone. Today an AC unit should not ruin the interiors rather it should blend in seamlessly. For this to happen, you not only have to decide the position where the AC will be installed in your home but buy the model that fits in that location. Split AC’s are in demand for this reason. They add on to the beauty of the décor instead of standing out like a sore toe.