Some Easiest Pranks For Kids On April Fool Day

soapPranking anyone successfully is a kind of art. You have to use more concentration levels to do high levels pranks as some pranks are required more coordination and 100% accuracy level to make it a success. A very successful prank will be great fun not only for the one who is doing pranking but also the victims who got pranked by you. You have to be more careful while doing pranking as some wrong pranking may lead to some bad incidents. You can find more interesting and thrilling Prank candles methods at Also, click here to find more interesting news about pranking at .You can find below some of the easiest April Fools’ Day pranking techniques specially designed for kids to enjoy their holidays with parents. There is no investment required and anyone can do at home without having high-level instruments and manpower.

Frozen Cereal
Frozen Cereal is one of the very easiest methods pranks to trick your kids in the morning. Prepare a bowl of cereal in the night and keep it in the freezer overnight and serve them in the morning. It will be fun to watch them struggling to take it out for eating.

Sleep Confusion
There are many types of sleeping confusion pranking methods available but be careful while doing these types of pranking as the child may get disturbed while they are in a deep sleep. You can simply change the entire room position while they are sleeping and it will be the great surprise for them while waking up in the morning or you can shift them from one place to another place while sleeping.

Oreos Biscuit
Almost all kids love Oreos and if you want them to have control of the quantity, this is the best prank you can do at home. Take an Oreos biscuit and remove the inside creams fully and replace with toothpaste. Their reaction as they take that first bite will be priceless!

Soap Fail
Take normal bath soap and apply some clear nail polish and let it dry for sometimes. Replace the regular bath soap while your kid is taking a bath. It will be interested to watch your children struggling to clear the dirty from their hands using the same soap again and again.

Ice Cream Surprise
Every child love to have Ice Cream and this is one the best pranks to enjoy with your kids on April Fools’ Day. Buy some normal Ice Cream cups and fill them up with some mashed potatoes or mayonnaise instead of Ice creams. Ensure to cover them with chocolate syrup with some nuts and serve them.

Balloon Door
This will be really a fun experience for your children. You have to cover the door from inside with some plastic wrappers and fill it up with some colorful balloons. You have to do it in such a way that when your child opens the door, all the balloons should slowly fall down.

Remote Batteries
If your child is an addict to watching TV programs, then this will be fun to execute. Remove the batteries from the remote control and give it to them for using. It will be fun to watch them struggling to operate the remote without batteries.

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