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Tips To Choose The Right Exercise Machine For You.

exercise machine

It all felt fine when you decided at last to act upon your New Year resolution of joining a gym and getting fitter. Till, you finally stepped into the gym to start your fitness regimen. There, the sight of all those exercise machines just overwhelmed you and you decided to quit even before you started. Is this something that has happened to you? Well, don’t lose heart! It is something that has happened to a lot of people and will keep on happening in the future too. With a little help from experts in this field, you can make “Fitness Rocks” the motto of your life.

We consulted some exercise physiologists at mayoclinic.org to get their valuable insights on this topic. Here are some of the best recommendations they gave us. So, put on your training shoes and let’s get started!

Choosing the right exercise machine at the start of your fitness journey will take you a long way. It is quite easy to get confused with all those mean machines around you, not to mention the valuable ‘advises’ you keep getting from your friends and family. But it is important for you to figure out at this stage that YOU are the one who is going to work out. So, it is better if you choose what suits you the best. It could be that treadmill or that elliptical machine or stair stepper. Go for the one the burns your calories reasonably without tiring you out or tearing your muscle.

Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly used work-out machines:

The treadmill
This cardiovascular machine burns the most calories. It is also versatile as we can change the speed and adjust the incline to suit our comfort level. People having weight issues and joint problems should exercise caution while using this machine. This can also be a little tricky for newbies when it comes to balancing on the treadmill.

Stair steppers and elliptical machines
These machines exert lesser stress on your joints. Yet, they burn your calories at a decent rate and can be considered as a good alternative to the treadmill since you will be using them in the standing position.

Stationary bikes
This exerts only a minimum impact on your joints making it a top choice for people with knee pain. Just make sure that you are fitted properly to the bike with a slight tilt in your knee. Sitting too low on these bikes can flex your knee muscles too much causing soreness.

Rowing machines
They work out many muscle groups ensuring maximum calorie burn out. Your arms, legs and abdominal muscles all come into play while using this advanced cardiovascular machines. People with back pain should avoid this machine.

Once you have zeroed in the machine that you feel comfortable working out in, you should continue your fitness plan with realistic goals. Add variety to your exercise regimen by experimenting with different machines and by challenging your body from time to time. Happy exercising, people!