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How To Grade Typing Skills

Typing skills or keyboarding skills are considered to be crucial to compete in today’s world. With electronic devices taking over lives in every aspect, it is necessary to teach children how to type quickly. The best typing game for children can help them pick up typing skills very quickly with no additional effort on your part. According to the experts at www.huffingtonpost.ca, typing games can be introduced to children as they start fourth grade. By this age, they would have acquired enough motor coordination to be able to isolate their fingers in order to type accurately.

It is important to avoid using a single finger while typing, as this restricts children from learning the right typing techniques. Educators advice is to teach students to keep both their hands on the keyboard. Assigning left and right sections in the keyboard to the coordinating hand makes typing easier. This helps children to learn at an early age as to which hand is to be used to type a particular letter. Learning this habit early helps kids improve their typing skills.

Most schools concentrate on teaching handwriting skills till grade 4 and then proceed to typing skills as the students graduate from grade 4.This helps in ensuring that the students are well versed in both writing and tying skills.

Tips On Teaching Typing Skills
Once the students are introduced to tying, it I important to teach them how to concentrate on the screen while using the keyboard. This can be done using the following tips:
· Place a cloth over the student’s hands while they are typing. This prevents them from seeing the keyboard. This will help them remember the placement of the keys faster.
· You can also place a piece of construction paper over the keyboard to prevent students from taking a peek at the keyboard while they are tying. An advantage of avoiding looking at the keyboard is that they learn to type faster and more accurately as they continue practicing.
· Another interesting way is to switch of the lights making it impossible for the students to see the keys on the keyboard in the darkness.

Each school grades typing skills differently. While some schools prefer to give accuracy more points than speed, other schools prefer to award points for speed rather than accuracy. However, both skills, speed and accuracy are crucial to master typing perfectly. Some schools also give extra points for proper typing technique to encourage students to sit straight and hold their body in a good posture. Here are a few points from a checklist that is used to grade students:
· Eyes on the screen.
· Arms in the side.
· Wrists held straight.
· Good sitting posture.
· No pausing while typing.
· Hitting enter key without looking using the little finger on right hand.

As the students practice to master these points, it helps them learn the importance of god posture and sitting as well. As most future jobs will consist of sitting in front of the computer screen for hours, it is crucial to teach the students how to prepare themselves to avoid getting chronic back pain or wrist pain from lousy posture. So make sure your children are ready by teaching them typing skills today.